Happy Customers

I just wanted to share my thoughts on your pieces at the Sooke Fine
Arts Show.

I went with my mother this past weekend, and I was feeling very bad. I
was feeling low and emotional. I had a difficult week, just put my
family dog down the day before, and had an uncomfortable talk with my
partner that morning. By all accounts, I was in no mood to enjoy art.
But when I saw your paintings, I was so elated. It felt strange to
feel such overwhelming joy in a time of sadness, but your paintings
were so bright and cheerful, they blew me away. I fell in love with
the colours and the patterns. I wanted to sit inside your painting and
enjoy a cup of tea!

I just wanted to thank you for giving me a moment of joy. A breath of
fresh air! I’m young and broke (a student in every way), so I wasn’t
able to take your pieces with me, but I did buy a small round canvas
in the gift shop. I went home and showed my partner with such pride
and happiness.

Thanks again. I love your work! Please remember that your art can
touch people in so many ways, and the work you do is so important. Art
is truly transcendent, isn’t it?